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Your cat will stop scratching your furniture right on the spot with our STICKY SCRATCH PROTECTOR™

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Scratch Protector™

Each package comes with an ultra thin 12 inch x 17 inch large crystal clear sheets (almost invisible to the naked eye) which can cover very large areas of your furniture, providing better protection.

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Our Client Testimonials

I was shocked at how easy and how quickly it worked... I think our cat was so pissed that I covered her favorite scratching spot that she gave up scratching altogether... I assumed she would just find another chair but she hasn’t after several months... the tape is not noticeable on the chair... very satisfied with this product after being skeptical initially.

Jeremy C. Watson

For someone who isn't a fan of purchasing things online, since I can't physically see and feel the quality of items, I decided to wing it with this purchase. And let me tell you, I am very very VERY happy with these cat toys. The quality, the variety, and the price for the whole set is such a great deal.

Amanda P.

Works great!! My cat was non-stop scratching at my new couch, tearing it up, nothing worked to stop him. The very first day I put this on the couch, he did not touch it again!! He now just looks at the couch as he passes by!! It is sooo easy to use sticks really well and comes off even easier. Love this!!!

Jennifer Tanner

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